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With your own 'Air Conditioning Service' equipment there is no need to farm out valuable AirCon work (& profits) to a specialist AirCon servicing company. Repair / Service - car, van, LCV, coach & HGV air conditioning units in your own garage / workshops. Around 80% of new vehicles are fitted with air conditioning as standard, the manufacturers are recommending that the airconditioners are serviced at least every 2 years. This involves recovery of the old refrigerant, replace receiver drier, check system for leaks, recharge with new refrigerant and lubricating oil. All of these actions are simple with a semi-automatic AirCon service unit, with a fully automatic system it's a case of connect up, go away and do another job, the fully automatic air conditioning servicing unit will complete the task and let you know when it has finished, producing a print out confirming each stage plus weight of refrigerant & oil.
Javac Taxa 780 vehicle airconditioning charger.   Javac Taxa 720 vehicle air conditioner charging station.

Javac Auto Air Conditioner Charging Equipment
TEXA konfort 700R series   includes:

R1234yf & R134a     Hybrid Safe    Fully Automatic
has Car, Van, Truck, Agri & Personal database.
2 year factory backed Warranty   CE & TUV Certification.
Complete packages and accessories.
Competitive Leasing Deals    Free Delivery & Training.

The TEXA Konfort 780R Bi-Gas
air-conditioning charging machine, R134a Standard & Hybrid /Electric plus R1234yf Standard & Hybrid/Electric.

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What you need to know
Cars type approved after 1st January 2011 must use a refrigerant with a GWP (global warming potential) of less than 150.
Vehicles currently manufactured using R134 refrigerant can continue using it until 2017

  • R134a has a GWP of 1300  
  • The designated new refrigerant is R1234yf •R1234yf has a GWP of 4
  • R1234yf is "mildly flammable"   • R134a & R1234yf have similar operating pressure & temeratures

  • Existing R134a charging machines do not meet the criteria for recovery and charging R1234yf.
  • R134a and R1234yf must not be mixed.
Hybrid & Electric
  • Require specific lubricants for safe compressor operation.
  • Cross contamination of lubricants can lead to compressor fires !
  • Only charging machines with a specialised flush and lubricant selection program should be used.
  • R1234yf refrigerant will cost approximately £130 per vehicle charge, based on current projected prices per Kilogram.