L&C Garage Equipment Services - Air Compressors

The SWP Aria range of Air Compressors

A powerful range of portable and static air compressors, all the portable versions are single phase 230
volt and can be run from a 13 amp socket, the static versions are available as 3 phase or single phase.
Aria Air Compressors
•All Pumps are fited with cast iron cyclinder liners.
•Full sized aluminium pistons with two compression rings and one oil scrapper ring
•Hardened steel crankshafts
•After coolers on pumps.
•Automatic stop/start pressure switch with soft start valves.
•Aerodynamically moulded belt guard
•Air receivers to CE standard 87/404

specifications for Aria Portable Air Compressors models 2/100BP  3/50BP  3/150BP
(the 50 litre model is fitted with a regulator, the 100 & 150 litre units have both a regulator and air filter)
Aria portable Air Compressors specifications

specifications for Aria static/workshop Air Compressors models:
3/150BS1 3/150BS3 3/200BS1 3/200BS3 4/200BS1 55/200BS3 75/200BS3static garage workshop air compressors specs
specifications for Aria Air Compressors - static