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L & C Garage Equipment are importers of these excellent and versatile lifts.

The NORDLIFT - single post - Mechanical / Bodyshop vehicle repair lift.

Nordlift DH2500 single post vehicle lift.
This is the DH2500 with a lifting capacity of 2,500Kg and can raise a vehicle of that weight to over 2 metres in less than 30 seconds.
Note the distance between the vehicle and the lift post, plenty of room for access all around the car, even open the drivers door. This single post lift is available in several lifting capacity variations, on all versions the adjustable arms allow for individual jacking at manufacturers specified points yet are long enough for free access and jacking of vans and transporters. For the safety of you and your staff -this electro-hydraulic lift is fitted with a Mechanical safety lock, a Relief valve against overloading and Automatic arm locking devices.

NordLift Single Post Lift - schematic.
DH-2500 technical data -
Capacity 2500 kg
Lifting height 2100 mm
Lifting time 29 s.
Height of the lifting pad 100-200 mm
Min. Height 107 mm
Weight 690kg
Motor/ Protection IP54 1,5 kW
Elec box/ protection IP65 3 x 380V

This Lift is also available for use on a single phase supply and/or with a base that can be set flush into the ground and on 3 year or 5 year lease terms. (contact L&CGE for further details)

A mobile variation of this single post lift is also available as DHM-2500 & DRM-2500 with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg.
The Nordlift Mobile Single Post Lift is a versatile and cost effective way of servicing cars and vans.
The lift is easily moved around the workshop on it's own 3 wheels to where it is convenient to work on the vehicle and is perfect for most repair jobs : brakes, exhaust replacement, service and body repair.

Spare Parts for NordLift Vehicle Lifts & Ramps available here



NordLift HDL-7500 mobile Column Lift - upto 45,000 Kg. Coach, Truck, HGV, HCV.Just move the columns into position at the wheels of the vehicle to be lifted, connect the columns together and to an electrical outlet with the supplied leads and you can lift 30,000 kg (with 4 columns) or upto 45,000 kg ( 6 columns)

Each column is an independent lift with it's own cylinder, electrical lock valve, flow control valve and hydraulic unit and a connection to a common logic control program.

Full safety features, ie any interuption to power or any cable between columns or if too great a height difference detected : then all columns stop and remain in position. Emergency Stop button on each column, if touched stops all columns. Moving the columns into position is easy using the handle attached to the steerable wheel at the back of each column - as the column takes a vehicle load this wheel retracts and the column itself rests upon the floor. A range of accessories are available such as axle stands, chassis cross beam (1500 kg capacity), driving platforms and adapters for small wheels.

NordLift Column Lift schematic diagram.  

Technical Data
Capacity per Column  7500 kg
Lifting Motion  1700 mm
Lifting Height (total)  1800 mm
Lifting Speed  90 seconds
Motor Power  1.5 kW
Weight per Column  485 kg
Waterproofing  IP55